by Judgement

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released December 4, 2013

Produced & mixed by The Premonist

Featuring Sneaky Pete, Grim Moses, and Caleb Winner of The Society of Invisibles (T.S.O.I.)

Geist Audio Records (2013)



all rights reserved


Judgement Phoenix, Arizona

Originally a member of the collective supergroup The Society of Invisibles (T.S.O.I.)

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Everything is terrible
Crack strength now I'm tearing you
Every needle is sharable
Flesh fashion ya skin is wearable
Random note wrote in parables
LSD, weed, your judgments impairable
Under the influence of being slit throatless
This is motherfuckin audio dopeness
And this is what you use to smoke it
The shit methadone couldnt cope with
A copious amount makes you dope sick
Home sick for an orphanage
Strung out till theres no more string to give
Selling smack to the kids
Cause nobody turns down drugs
Heroin and vapor rub
Bible papers cuz and angel dust
You can't trust Pookie in Nino's spot
Tyrone Biggums lifts cars on the spot
I dont know if you know this joe rogan, but i fucking smoke rocks
These bitches are scallywags so you know i aint worried, biiaatch!
The devil's a motherfuckin' liar stupid bitch
Smokin' jefferys and rubbin on the pussy of an ewok
Jesus walks
Hunter S. Thompson embalming
Bathsalt face biter is my calling
It's reefer madness, but replace chad with reefer
Fucked up like a world with no pizza
A shitty existence, nothing's comparable
Just know everything is terrible...
Everything is fucking terrible!
Everything is terrible!
Fuck you is right, finger on the trigger for life
Motherfucker, I said.... drop the knife!
Leave you were i find you
Bodied on the beat im assigned to
Crime scene forensics will outline you
Put it down i know your high dude
Assault on an officer is times two
Got all posted bulletins
Watch out he's got knives and he's pullin' 'em
Hooligan, you let the streets pull you in
I eat punks like you for dinner
He's on 26th and Tierra Buena
Make a wrong move and I'll end ya
Unload clips I don't shoot to injure
One less fucking junkie on a bender
Didn't want to leave my squad car
Now i want to shoot so bad my dicks hard
Sometimes guns accidentally discharge
Tent city camp grounds, pull your bitch card
You're a piece of shit with paperwork
Who pulls a knife at a traffic stop
Give you a reason to say "fuck cops!"
45 glock, the weasel goes pop
(I said drop the knife!)

Sneaky Pete:

Why don't you come and get it?
Spit curses out, Hasidic demeanor
Stumble and slurring
Her arm was broken, I did it on purpose
Get out of my house it's not worth it
Cause the nosey fuckin' neighbors can't respect the closed curtains
So high, this moment is so perfect
I am so super human in the slow-mo circus
My fingers around the knife
The tazers aren't working
Knives go in, guts come out of a civil servant
Time suspends, shots ring out and
My body jerks, but does not stop
Rip off my bloody shirt
There's a roaring in my ears
Voices I can barely hear
Telling me to "drop the knife", but
I'm gonna need it to get out of here
Slash my way out of my room
Brought a knife to a gun fight
but this sherm is the truth
Just me and a ginsu against 16 of you
Bleeding and screaming in the living room
While they continue to shoot
My body refuses to move
It was the end that I knew, but I had nothing to lose
Flipped 'em the bird and my last words were... fuck you
Track Name: OFFMAN
Verse one:

Napalm lyrics, bombs are armed
Aftermath arms are gone
Sprinkle burn cream like parmesan
Better keep your armor on
Death machine bathed in armor-all
Shoulders shoot cannonballs
At your roster do a roll call
It's all or nothin' mas o menos
You lose lots before you lose a little
Stainless steel still holds riddles
MC's legs break like peanut brittle
To me the best plays second fiddle
Play ak violins at your vigil
Slice throats use symbols as sickles
Weapons draw at the drop of nickles
I'm pro choice abort crews with missiles
Spit cruise missiles music cripples
Your insides runny like the sniffles
Bullets at work wounds whistle
Buckshot moves more then calypso
To get it crackin' like nabisco
Spittin' cyanide clear as crystal
Gas mask needed I'm official

Verse two:

Welcome to thunder dome
Conquistadors swing swords of stone
The riddle of steel is flesh and bone
Blitzkrieg to a metranome
Pain only war veterans know
The best gladiator since Russel CroweI
Imperealistic tension makes muscles grow
Juggernaut on human growth hormone
Victories essence is my cologne
You use body parts to pay loans
Sledgehammer time breaks toes
Either shake fast or step slow
Days of future past time echoes
Behind every Mr. Hyde is a Dr. Jekyll
An old fashioned bludgeoning is retro
Metal to the face worse then Destro
Every punch line is a deathblow
You leak sauce your noodles presto
Gatling gun on meth and espresso
Take rapid fire to new thresholds
Crush beats Roman Greco
Weapon of mass destruction from the get go
Klitchko hands heavy when i let go

Verse three:

Something wicked comes this way a grim future
Winds of war blew in storm troopers
Waiting to kill yourself like loopers
Get razor cut by sharpshooters
Your happy to be first losers
Losing limbs last one to get sutured
Rocking skinnys you were born neutered
Left splattered behind the El Super
Lookin' like soup or salad
Right hooking ya looking glass jaw it's Alice
Off with ya head to the moon uppercut with mallets
I wanna do it, but I got my eyes shut
it's because i know suicide sucks
when it comes to dying got worst luck
Some bitch out after the first cut
Passed out from being too nervous
See self killing as being a self service
The option are slim pickings for self murders
Could try and overdose on barbiturates
What if I just wake up and feel like shit?
Russian roulette's not in my wheel house bitch
I could easily spill out wrists
but I want no pain get the gist
Christmas gives the gift of a death wish
Fear of heights cant jump off a bridge
or take long walks of a short cliff
Suicide comes in different assortments
No matter how you do it
It sucks and that's important
Called a suicide hotline got called a quitter
Called his manager and complained cause I was bitter
Shit or get off the pot get the pick of the litter
Get the jitters, jimmney jilkers
Smoke a newport with no filter, off kilter
Need to piss off a killer, got some bad blood
Why's the outlet so far from the bathtub
Put the radio in the bad plug
Fucking set fire to my bath rug.


I wanna do it but i got my eyes shut/Its because i know suicide sucks

This shit is self explanatory
Don't know what's up? here's the story
Eat shit and live, the scene gory
Spit on your grave, good glory
Dancing like negative tests on Maury
Throw in the towel, you're Robert Horry
You're Paulie Shore piss poorly
Curb checks you regret sorely
Choking you assholes can't be helped
Better then five or six hours of something else
Heavyweight pussy you hold title belts
Uppercut cunts sideways, smiles swell
I'm like your own private hell
Two letter philosophy F. U. who spells
Middle finger read between the lines
and try not being a bitch next time
By that i mean in your next life
You're goin' through a hoe phase like an ex wife
Keeping it clearer then esprite
You can eat a dick with an exclamation
Count how quickly there's escalation
Night night, nigga get slept into a staycation
Writing on the wall like cave paintings
God damn you! play Satan
Get it together, I swing for fences
Vulgarity clarity, no false pretenses
You're that bullshit a minotaur pinches
A cock sucker in every instance
Facecrusher denture dentist
Black and blue faces tinted
Period fuck you is how i end the sentence


Grim Moses:

2 middle fingers up stupid cunt, im finger banging
they should put you out of your misery, I could Facilitate it
Treat you like John Todd, have you eliminated
Double Agent Sadist
Kill and murder, raping your status
Your acting for a bitch
Your probably tucking your dick
to fit in those tight pants
your bulge looks like a clit
a good enough reason to shove a blade in your ribs
twist, pull out, let the blood splash on my kicks
Certified anger dose
I let the banger boast
ALPHA play the host
smash your skull
shit on your Beta code
grim the gator Lo
Razor cold
cut your face
I cut till the blade is dull
you'll need NATO to pull me offyou
unexplainable how i appear in the mist to off you
mystical goth tune
invisble glock two
the high and disastrous
you rap in a costume
and that whore you call ma' dukes
we ravage shit
the asshole's turn up the volume
Grim and Judgement we got you!
Verse one:

Reach out and touch when it's combat
Got you're maker saved in ya contacts
Death locked in like 2 year contracts
The number to heaven no call backs
AT&T with TNT, 45's reload speed is 4G
Category five drowning and indecency
Speak to your dead parents like frequency
More frequently if you speak with me
You remind of your mother sometimes weeping sheepishly
Secretly put chains around vocal chords
Chain 'em to anvils, throw em overboard
Your rotory phone was a Ouiji board
Converse with god, hear some shit you never seen before
The krackin heads to shore
Bermuda triangle is my core
Lake Pleasant is a pleasant morgue


You gotta dial M for murder
Speed dial gets you further
Dial M for murder
Do you know the number to heaven?

Would you know my name,
if your mother was slain?
Would you know my name?
Do you know the number to heaven?

Those voices if you heard them,
would it ease your burden?
Those voices if you heard them
do you know the number to heaven?

Ring-a-ding-ding goes the rotary, hello?
Are there dead people on the other side of the phone?
Ring-a-ding-ding goes the rotary, hello?
Do you know the number to heaven?

Verse two:

The number to hell is 976-EVIL
Dare the devil like Knievel
Hell will be heaven next to where I leave you
Fucking heave you, the old heave-ho
Messenger of death, Shimigami in a row boat
Sinking feeling drowning like a slow poke
U.S.S. Fantastic on a voyage for no hope
Gruesome gandalas got voicemails in Valhalla
There's no one to hear you holla
Thinking about your mother as the casket shuts
Folks are gonna miss you so much
Your crew is up now there down
I got enough drown to go around, just hit pound
Archangel on the rolodex
Dial m for murder on a Galaxy S
Friends and family plan signed at death

Hook: 2x